My story:

NOTE: PLEASE JUDGE ME ON THE QUALITY OF MY JEWELRY AND NOT THE QUALITY OF THE PICTURES MY PHONE CAN TAKE. In third grade, I started bringing my seed bead collection to school and crafting at recess. Pretty soon there was a little posse of nine year old beaders. Trendsetter from day one, am I right?! Up until a few years ago, my jewelry was simply a hobby. (If you were to ask the IRS, they would still classify my income as a hobby... aka feel bad for me and buy all this stuff.) Once stamped jewelry came into style, I got a little bored of all the "live, love, laugh" crap. I started making dog tag necklaces with silly messages for my friends. It slowly developed into something more; I started carrying quartz, amethyst, and druzy pieces. The rest is history! Although I love fashion and aim to stay on-trend, my mission has always been a bit deeper: 10% from each piece is donated to charity!